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Everthine Behind the Scenes Story

I stay pretty quiet about the gears that make everything turn at Everthine. Not of purpose. I think I just get wrapped up in it, and would rather fill my social media feed with beautiful images of jewelry. But, I shared this image of me with a tower of shipping boxes in my Stories and it had more interaction than most. So, I thought I would start sharing more of the behind the scenes around here at Everthine.
Prior to the pandemic I was participating in 24 art shows a year. Most of my sales were done face to face out in our community. And, I loved it that way. Once we went into shut down in March of 2020, all art shows were cancelled. I pivoted, and began offering everything I make online. But, I knew that simply putting my jewelry online didn't guarantee anyone would ever find it. So, I started taking online classes, reading books and listening to podcasts all about how to improve my small business. There has been a ton to learn, but I'm now really enjoying having my business online. And, with shows coming back, I'll now be able to do both! My business is stronger than it's ever been, and I'm super proud. But, I couldn't have done any of this without you! Thank you for standing by me during the scariest time of my business life, when I thought I might lose it all.
If you're a small business owner who is looking for support. I would highly recommend One Mill School.
The Product Boss Podcast
Ecommerce Badassery Podcast
Commerce Tea Podcast
Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon
Being Boss by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson
Work like a Boss by Nancy Lyons
If you're looking for an alternative to Uline, I highly recommend Brown & Pratt.