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Handmade sterling silver cuff bracelet with the message "courage over comfort".


Bracelets made by Everthine Jewelry
Charms & Chains

Charms & Chains

This is a collection of individual charms and chains in sterling silver that can be combined (or purchased solo) to make your dream necklace.
gold filled hoop earrings


Earrings by Everthine Jewelry. Made in Minneapolis.
Nevertheless, She Persisted - Tiny Message Ring in Sterling Silver

Featured Stackable Rings

This is a collection of Stackable Rings.
Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Everthine Jewelry offers two options for gift cards.
Necklaces by Everthine Jewelry


A collection of necklaces by Everthine Jewelry
Sterling silver ring with stamped message 'wake up. kick ass. repeat.'


New designs by Everthine Jewelry
Spinner Fidget Ring by Everthine Jewelry

One of a Kind

Everthine Jewelry One of a Kind Jewelry


Personalized hand stamped sterling silver jewelry made by Everthine Jewelry in Minneapolis.

Personalized Jewelry

These are a wide variety of stacking rings made in serling silver and gold-filled.


Handmade rings made in Minneapolis by Everthine Jewelry.
This is a curated collection of 4 rings in sterling silver and gold-filled

Stackable Rings

This collection of Everthine Jewelry rings can be worn alone, or purchase multiples to create a stacking / stackable ring set. Handmade in Minneapolis.
Thin sterling silver stamped rings with empowering messages

Tiny Message Rings

These thin sterling silver message rings can be worn solo or stacked with other rings. They are stamped with messages that are empowering, but so tiny only you'll know it's there. They are Everthine Jewelry's most popular item because there's a message that speaks to everyone!